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Barcode: 4904810209751
Language: ENG

Avail. from 12/17/2021
+ 1 special promo Pack vol. 1 (a gift)

Product information

GLOWING DIVA" is the second expansion pack of "WIXOSS ENGLISH EDITION".

It will be released at the same time as the four "DIVA DEBUT DECK", and you can start WiXOSS from this set. And from this set, the characters that appear in the TV anime "WIXOSS DIVA(A)LIVE" will finally appear! The newly added 4 teams and 4 center LRIGs will bring more versatile deck construction and strategies.



GLOWING DIVA Release Campaign

To commemorate the debut of LRIGs in "WIXOSS DIVA(A)LIVE", "Special Promo Pack vol.1"

will be included in one box.

12 level 0 LRIG cards that appear in "WIXOSS DIVA(A)LIVE" and "Servant #" drawn by "Shigure Ui", the famous Vtuber who designed the character of "WIXOSS DIVA(A)LIVE".

This is a special pack that contains random foil cards from a total of 13 different types.



Expansion packs alone do not give you enough cards to play the game.

You will need at least one constructed ?Diva Debut? deck to start the game.


1 pack contains 8 cards

1 box contains 20 packs

1 carton contains 12 boxes


99 Cards ※PI,SR are foil cards.

PI(Piece Rare)        8 types

SR(Super Rare)     12 types

L(LRIG Rare)         24 types

R(Rare)                  21 types

C(Common)           34 types*

*7 reprinted cards from Constructed Deck included



99 Parallel Cards  ※All foil cards

DiR(Diva Rare)      8 types*

SCR(Secret)        12 types*

L(LRIG Rare)       24 types

R(Rare)                21 types

C(Common)         34 types 

 *Parallel cards of Constructed DECK.


※Specifications and designs may be subject to change