1. New keyword effect “Link” makes its first appearance!
    Spirits with the new keyword effect “Link“ are in this set! “Link” is an effect you can use by exhausting the card with the “Link” effect when another one of your spirits attacks, which adds the exhausted card’s BP and symbols to the attacking card. You can also activate powerful effects that have “Link” timings. By linking with a double-symbol spirit, you can even make an attack with three symbols! “Link” will broaden your available strategies and deepen the tactics on the field!
  2. Different color combos from BSS05
    BSS06 includes cards with three new color combinations: Red/Green, Purple/White, and Yellow/Blue!  With these new combos, different from the ones in BSS05, you can experience the fun of controlling completely new and fresh deck archetypes!
  3. The box topper is 2 copies of the only 6-color card!
    Get two copies of a six-color card with new effect text as a box topper! This card is notincluded in the regular booster card line-up! Since it’s all six colors, the card can be played in many decks, and its strong effects make it very desirable to include in your deck!


140 Types
Common x60
Uncommon x30
Rare x14
X Rare x12
Special Rare x21
Saga Rare x3



1 Pack = 12 cards
1 Display Box = 24 Packs
1 Case = 12 Displays