Category: FoW
Tipology: Box
Subcat.: FoW

Barcode: 4580578404241
Language: ENG

Avail. from 8/23/2024
Avability: PRE-ORDER
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- Special packs for pre-release kit : 72 packs
 - Pre-release kit special PR card : 12 copies
 - Pre-release kit special playmat : 2 copies
 - Basic magic stone card : 50 copies 
 - Basic Ruler : 12 copies

Special packs for the pre-release kit are only available for this English edition! 
Some of the specifications and the inclusion rate vary from the product August 30th release.
We have made improvements so that players can enjoy the pre-release event even more.

Pack Image and More Details

-Normal          42 kinds

-Rare              25 kinds

-Super Rare   17 kinds

-Marvel Rare    5 kinds

-Ruler/J-Ruler   7 kinds

-J-Ruler            2 kinds

-XR                   2 kinds


-Secret Card 7 kinds

Special PR Card (Sample Image)