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Close to Academy City, where humans and automatons live and work together in peace, there is a place called the “Sacred Ruins”, where stories say that a mysterious power is hidden. But no one lives in the ruins, not even the sacred beast which was its guardian.

But the “Sacred Ruins” have attracted and endangered many people, disturbing the peace in Academy City. And, therefore, there are two options about what to do:

To destroy the ruins, or to learn about them.

The most popular tech company in this world, the HANADA group, led by Goliath HANADA, are concerned about the safety of the ruins, and how that place affects the people living in Academy City. They have created a nearby settlement, where, gathering new and old machinery and technology from times long forgotten, they are prepared to destroy the ruins. All that remains is for Goliath to give the order, and point MQ-59, the “Sacred Ruins”, will be destroyed.

But the intellectuals of Academy City have pinned their hopes on Zacky, the Student Detective League's Star, to explore and uncover the secrets hidden in the “Sacred Ruins”, while, using bureaucracy, they slow down the HANADA Group's attempts to destroy the ruins.

So Zacky, escorted by Aideen, a combat medic, has secretly ventured into the "Sacred Ruins", ready for adventuring. Luckily for her, there is another person interested in the secrets of the ruins: the Princess of the Land of the Moon, Alex Sansta.

The young princess has brought with her two armies to the ruins: the Skulk, a biker gang led by Bianchi and Kimihe, who together with their spiked motorbikes and an uncontrollable passion for driving will help the princess with whatever she needs; and the Makoto Cloth Corps, a group of nomadic Taoist monks whose leader, Mi Sung, seeks the path to inner peace and a place to live in Academy City, the reward promised by the princess for helping her on her mission.

The meeting of Zacky, Aideen, Alex, Bianchi, Kimihe and Mi Sung was predestined. They have become "The Coalition", the only group capable of facing Goliath HANADA and his automatons.

And at that exact moment, just before the battle begins, Lucie and Lyka, followed by Wu Xiaohu (who-is-not-a-cat), arrive at the “Sacred Ruins” searching for Lucie’s mother and the “Remnants of the Rune”, stating the second part of the story of the Trinity Cluster:

This product is the second set of the Trinity Cluster. A massive battle over a place called “Sacred Ruins” is about to begin. Seven new characters with exclusive abilities will become rulers and join the battle. Experience the new Solo Mode frame and the new abilities Mantra, Protect, Multi Strike, Investigate, Build and Demolish. Past rulers and past themes as Weather, Torrent and Limit are also reinforced. New and existing users will love this set. Join now the exciting world of Trinity Cluster in Force of Will!

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T2 Buy-a-Box Promo

2 Promo cards (2 kinds)  are included in

1 display box! Only available for first printing!

Booster Break Down

 -Normal                          42 kinds
  -Rare                              25 kinds
  -Super Rare                   17 kinds
  -Marvel Rare                    5 kinds
  -Ruler/J-Ruler                 7 kinds
  -J-Ruler                           2 kinds
  -Sub-rule                         2 kinds
  -XR                                  2 kinds

  -Secret Card                    7 kinds
  -Special Secret Card        2 kinds

Product configuration

  -1 pack contains 8 cards
  -1 box contains 36 packs
  -1 carton contains 6 boxes
  -1 outer carton has 4 catons