H4 now has four types of Rulers with different gimmicks!
- New "Aristella" can [Tag] with past rulers of Grim Cluster through the power of the "Crimson Moon's Battleground". (Requires a special card in the same pack.)
- "Elektra" appears as a Ruler who controls a new card "Armament". ("Armament" system is different from the «Bond» system.) She fights with a selection of "Armaments".
- "Reunion" cannot do judgment or contract, but has a dedicated deck from which it can draw cards at random. It is a flavor of the spaceship Ruler with a crew on board.
- The Solaris side is a [Tag] with selects two rulers from three different types.

Booster Break Down

  -Normal                   45 kinds
   Include Basic Magic Stone 5 kinds
  -Rare                       12 kinds
  -Rare/J-Ruler           6 kinds
  -Super Rare           15 kinds
  -Marvel Rare            5 kinds
  -Ruler                        6 kinds
  -Sub Ruler Rare      14 kinds (New Card, Rarity : SSR)
  -Extension Rule       1 kind (New Card, Rarity : XR)
  -Secret Card             4 kinds
  -Will Coin Card          6 kinds 
  -Token Card              1 kind
  -Life Counter Card  18 kinds

Product configuration

  -1 pack contains 10 cards
  -1 box contains 36 packs
  -1 carton contains 6 boxes
  -1 outer carton has 4 catons

Buy-a-box Promo Card Information

PR card (1 kind)  is included in 1 display box!

Only available for first printing!