Category: Digimon
Tipology: Box
Subcat.: Digimon

Barcode: 810059789579
Language: ENG

Avail. from 12/13/2024
Avability: PRE-ORDER
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Sales Points

- Cards appearing for the first time in English version are now available in a special set!

- This special set combines Japanese tournament exclusive products, LM03 and LM04!

- Buy one box, and you will get ALL of the new text cards (26 types)! Alt-art cards are also randomly included (8 types)!

- Both the competitive players and collectors will definitely want to get a box!

Special Limited Set Card Lineup

New Text Cards x26 types

Agumon - Bond of Bravery ACE
Gabumon - Bond of Friendship ACE
Sakuyamon: Maid Mode ACE
Shivamon ACE
Cyberdramon ACE
Megidramon ACE
Red Scramble
Blue Scramble
Yellow Scramble
Green Scramble
Black Scramble
Purple Scramble
... and more!

Alt-Art Cards x8 types

Chaosdramon (X Antibody)
Sistermon Blanc
Sistermon Ciel
... and more!


New text cards: 26 types
Alt-art cards: 8 types
34 card types


1 Booster Pack = 9 cards
1 Display Box = 6 packs
1 Case = 12 Display Boxes