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Avail. from 8/10/2000
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An orphaned young girl, unwittingly abandoned by her brothers. An embarrassed young man, obsessed with the idea of challenging the 1800 times champion in the sword fight. Two unequal fates on the way to the throne - a fateful encounter ...

"Origins of Alice", the first set in Alice's Origins Block, takes us back to Attoractia and tells the story of the famous Alice Block. At the same time, some highly discussed questions will finally be clarified ...

Starting with this set, the Booster Boxes will contain 20 envelopes instead of 36.
The size set for this set is 147 cards plus basic magic stones. 80 will be "Memory" cards, reprints of old promo cards, while 67 cards will be part of the new set!

Alice's Origins expansion contains:

Super Rare: 19
Rare: 19
Normal: 29
Memory Cards: 80

An envelope contains 10 cards.
A box contains 20 envelopes.


The product:

Total number of cards in the set: 147