Category: Gate Ruler
Tipology: Box
Subcat.: Gate Ruler

Barcode: 4580578402834
Language: ENG

Avail. from 10/29/2021

Have no fear, the aces are here!

Forge a new destiny with game-changing cards unlike anything seen before!


Starting with this set, we have added a brand new rarity, the “Superior Rare”! These are all-new “Level 4” units, and each one is sure to become the ace card of their deck!


Also, Vol. 3 features

the new [DR(Damage Reversal) mechanic, which allows you to unlock powerful effects if youve taken a lot of damage.

On top of that, this new set focuses on various unit types that have appeared in previous sets, providing tons of powerful cards to propel tribal decks to new heights!


  -*                  47 kinds
  -**                21 kinds
  -***             16 kinds
  -****          17 kinds
  -****S        9 kinds (Superior Rare)
  -*****L        5 kinds (Legend Rare)
  -Ruler               6 kinds
  -Secret card    ?? kinds 

  Total of 121 + ?? unique cards    


1 PR card is included in 1 display box!