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Category: FoW
Tipology: Decks
Subcat.: FoW

Barcode: 4580578403046
Language: ENG

On sale from November 26, 2021


 Starter Deck Information

  - 1 rule sheet
  - 1 playmat sheet
  - 1 quick rule guide 

  - Ruler    1 kind (1 card)
  - Basic magic stone   10 kinds (each 1 card)
  - Deck   10 kinds (each 4 cards)
  Total 51 cards + Will Coin Card, Life Counter Card and Token Card

   ?There are special cards available for only this starter!

Many new mechanics will appear from

the New Duel Cluster!


This is a starter set based on the new card type "Order" and new keyword abilities.


In addition to the cards recorded in D1

(Duel Cluster 1st booster), there are two types of cards that are only found in the starter!