Akira Toriyama's Sand Land is getting a card game to commemorate its new anime and video game!

This card game features Sand Land's deep lore focused on adventure, plus the mecha battles from the video game and crafting tactics.

Streaming this spring on Disney Plus (in some country)
An anime including a new storyline!

The Sand Land IP will be marketed with a big worldwide push this spring! The card game goes on sale during Gen Con 2024!

Richard Garfield, the most famous creator of TCG, with his first game from Bandai!

Richard Garfield is recognized as having created the first trading card game, published in the early 90s. Since then he has designed many more trading card games, as well as games from a wide variety of areas, including strategy games, family games, party games, and even the occasional digital game. He coauthored a book that is used in many game focused university curricula. Characteristics of Games. He spends his time exploring new games both as a player and as a designer.

Product Content

1 deck (30 Asset/Tactic cards)

+ 10 PR cards (in common)
+ 1 Leader Card

+ 1 Playsheet + 1 counter item (paper)

* Contains one deck randomly selected from ten decks patterns.

(The packages are all the same.)
* Contains common 10 PR cards (5 types x 2) in each product


- Display: 6 sets

- Case: 8 displays


- Sand Land is getting a big worldwide marketing push already with the anime streaming and the upcoming video game release.

- Game creation by famed designer Richard Garfield.

- A unique deck building game concept.

- Card flip battles that make strategies more involved and exciting!



Video and Trailers:

Comments from Richard Garfield:

Animation series trailer:

Video Game trailer:

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