You can check the prices and availability of each product.
Where VAT is stated, 22% is added to the value of the product and then resold with VAT. If such a product is not present on a product, it is understood that the product is exempt from VAT.
We guarantee the shipment of the order on the same day that the order is received (if the order is received by 2 pm).
Delivery time within 24 hours with Executive Courier (48 hours for the islands).
From the time of registration you have 30 days to make the first order. If no orders are received within that period, you will be denied access to Reseller Area.
There is no minimum order quantity ordered.
Telephone support: 071.4600329 with support for any product issue or tournament management
For first purchases you can choose from:

Payment to courier with check.
Total shipping cost of € 13, within € 500 order value.
For amounts over 500 € of order the total shipping cost is equal to 8 € + 1% of the order value.

Early Bank Transfer.
- Shipments in Italy: by choosing this form of payment, shipping costs will be free for invoiced amounts exceeding € 200.00, for lower amounts a contribution of € 5.00 will be applied to the shipping costs.
- Shipments to Abroad: shipping costs will be calculated based on the country of destination

Single Cards (Force of Will - Magic - Yugioh - WoW - Naruto - Eye of Judgment - Wom, etc ...)
All single available cards have also been added to the Gametrade site. To order the item SINGLE CARDS simply add them to the normal order along with the other items. The price of the single card is that displayed on the site. You can search through the form at the top of the name of the individual cards that you want to sort and use the SEARCH button.

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