From the publisher: Bounty hunters, welcome to Mars, your occasion to make a bounce of money is standing right in front of your eyes!

In Bandits on Mars you will play the role of smart gunners hunting cyber bandits that are hiding inside Woodburg's Wild West Theme Park.

To get them, broken or alive, you can count exclusively on your feline reflex and on the eye of the finest sniper in Mars, in addition with a good memory.

The bandits will try to hide them self as soon as they have a chance, coming back in the open only for a nice royal rumble. Use at best the sheriff's help, hoping that he won't be charmed by the beautiful saloon's dancers, while the bandits that you chase down try to escape riding their rocket bull. Bandits on Mars is a game of dexterity and memory that links your ability in chasing the right bandits at the right time with the ability to remember where they are hidden.